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If you see a suspicious vehicle / persons looking like they are scouting out your village, it is important to call 101 in the first instance and ask for Thames Valley Police and give them the registration plate if possible and description of people. 
The reason for this is:- 
a. The vehicle may be known to the police for previous crime activity 
b. The registration gets logged on our systems and the control room do a registered owner check on the vehicle so if it is spotted again, we have the details on our system 
c. If there has been a theft or burglary in the village, then at least we have a suspicious vehicle registration number that we can follow up on when investigating. 
d. Don’t forget when they are driving around, they are normally only scouting, looking to see who is home or not and they wouldn’t hesitate to come back a few days later, if not that night. 
Don’t assume someone else will contact the police with the registration number… The more people that ring it in, the better chance you have of someone attending (normally a PCSO) otherwise a PC. Even if no-one attends, the control room would send the information to our intelligence department. 
Remember, I am not always about so if you send me an email, my out of office would normally bounce back to say when I am next back in. 
So it is important to ring 101 in the first instance. I know you may have to hold on for 2 minutes or more, however this is vital information that the police need, especially with all the burglaries that have taken place over the last year! 
And most importantly, don’t think you are wasting police time by ringing it in because it is all intelligence gathering for us and it may be a vehicle or person that we are interested in or even more exciting, they may even be wanted. 
Arlene Ormston | C1018 | Milton Keynes Neighbourhood Policing Team Rural North | Police Community Support Officer 
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