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Recycling in Lavendon 

This will offer advice on what items can be recycled. Did you know that envelopes with clear windows can now be recycled in their entirety, for example? 
If you aren't sure what can be recycled and what can't, and how to dispose of waste the detail below should help. Lavendon Parish Council are full supporters of recycling within the village, and Milton Keynes Council as a whole, and will be 
taking part in the Recycle and Reward Scheme 2018 as recently announced. 
This new initiative is aimed at improving recycling. Throughout 2018 and beyond we hope to improve what items are put in our pink sacks. Milton Keynes Council is imminently launching a dedicated website to recycling – 
Fighting a Toxic Timebomb 
Cigarette butts account for 66% of all litter and can be found in every corner of the country - on our streets, in our countryside, and parks. 
In fact, new research for Keep Britain Tidy reveals that, right now, there are 2.4 million cigarette butts littered on England’s high streets, despite the efforts of local authorities to clean them up on a daily basis. 
A core reason for this is that many smokers incorrectly believe that cigarette butts are biodegradable. They are not. 
A cigarette butt can take 14 years to break apart, its toxins seeping into the earth. 
Keep Britain Tidy was established more than 60 years ago with a remit to campaign to reduce litter in this country and the issue of cigarette litter simply cannot wait – it is a toxic timebomb that is doing damage to our environment every day. 
Additional Recycling 
Would you like to recycle more of your rubbish than you can do through Milton Keynes Council?  
The Parish Council has been approached by a Lavendon resident who is concerned about some household items that are currently not recyclable through Milton Keynes Council but are recyclable through Charity Recycling MK. 
You may have read about the charity in MK Citizen recently. It is run by George Thomson who started recycling household waste 5 years ago. George lives in Downs Barn, Milton Keynes and has containers on his property for the recycled waste.  
He receives charity donations from the companies that generate the products and George donates the money to Willen Hospice and MK Cat Rescue. He has now donated £10,000. 
Would there be enough interest and support in Lavendon to support Charity Recycling MK ? 
Would you be willing to bring your specified household items to a dedicated central collection point in the village? 
Would you be willing to be part of a team of volunteers to transport the collected household items to Downs Barn at regular intervals? 
The Parish Council are supportive of the scheme and are willing to provide suitable containers however we cannot do it on our own without your support.  
Are you interested and willing to help? Please either contact the Parish Council Office on 01234 241941 or email 
From 1st August 2018 recycling sacks will no longer be available from the Parish Council offices. To reorder recycling sacks please go to or call 01908 252570. 
There has been a lot of attention recently focussed on the increasing amount of dog fouling around the village. Please ensure that you clear up after your dog and use your black sacks to dispose of your dog's waste. 
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