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Not much of an update but this is what we have. 
Basically, it’s a very complicated situation based around the gas pipes and the culvert, involving MK Council, Cadent and Inland Drainage Board. 
Deep excavation will be required around the damaged culvert to survey the area for a modern replacement, this will span the width of the road. There is also an inspection chamber that needs to be moved. The rebuild will future proof any flooding issues in the area. 
The site is deemed unsafe and will not support a temporary fix which is something the parish council asked to be looked into. 
We are in constant contact with MK Highways on this issue and this will not be a quick fix but as soon as we have a definitive timeline we will publish it. 
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On 7th November 2018 at 10:13, Steve Axtell wrote:
Thanks for your comment Bryn. It is the "when" we are trying to get some answers to. Cadent have published that their work will be completed by the end of November but we haven't had confirmation if this is just their part of the work and there's more to follow or if this is total completion. As soon as we have something definitive we will publish it.
On 6th November 2018 at 13:27, Bryn Butt wrote:
We now all know what needs to be done the question is when. It is now three weeks since the diverted gas pipe has been filled in and the area re tarmacked and it is a study in still life. What is different now as to when traffic lights were used before and at that time there where actually working on the site. I think the engineer who has made this decision should let us know why. It appears now that the road will need to be dug up again if this is so why was it partially filled in and tarmacked to enable half of the road to be used. The people living the Olney side of the road works have been without a bus service for approx. three months and this matter needs to be addressed as there seems to be no sense of urgency shown by MK Council.
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